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For every course, a student will receive a syllabus. In this syllabus, there will be the semester's calendar, along with reading assignments, course work activities, and, of course, essays and research papers that must be completed by specific dates. All students begin the semester with the best intentions. They establish a timeline for completing all of their written assignments. Somewhere, however, in the rush of student's life, the timeline falls by the wayside, and deadlines suddenly approach with no means to meet them. Unfortunately, the research paper can count for up to 20% of one's final grade, and failure to produce a top quality piece in time can spell a disaster.

Research paper writing is not a rapidly-accomplished task. There are the topic selection, the research, the structural organization of information and data, the actual composition, and, of course the formatting and accurate citation requirements. In some instances, a student may not even know how to write a research paper in a specific content area, for it is so very complex. At this point, a student may say, "Please, write my research paper," to anyone who will listen! Will Listen!

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