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When faced with their first case study assignment, many students may exclaim, "How do you write a case study?" Granted, it is a complicated piece of writing, but the first step is to understand exactly how one is defined and, of course, constructed.

Case studies involve an in-depth research study of a person, a group of people, a specific organization, or an individual business, business niche, or specific aspect of a business − human resources, marketing, management strategies, etc. Case study writing is usually a work assigned in graduate and professional schools, and students in the humanities, business, or criminal justice programs, and in medical school may be asked to produce them.

The Preliminary Pre-Writing Work

Prior to even developing a thesis, there must be a decision on a specific topic of study. For example, business case studies might focus on a specific aspect of a single company, one that has been instrumental in that company's success or which might have been responsible for the company's downward spiral. Case studies in management will focus on how a company is structured and what management strategies might account for successes or failures. Case studies in marketing might revolve around how a change in marketing strategies brought a company from the brink of failure to success.

A great deal of research will be conducted, both in the general topic field and in the specific organization itself. A history of the organization must be summarized with paying attention to the aspect(s) you are studying.

Development of a Thesis

Once you have a significant body of research, you are ready to propose a thesis for your project, most often called the "problem." This problem must be analyzed thoroughly in your thesis section.

The Solution Options Section and the Results

There are several options open to provide solutions to the problem you identified. For example, if the "problem" is educational under-achievement among children in the single-parent urban areas, research and your analysis may point to several options. It is your responsibility to propose those that have the greatest probability of success. If a company has a successful marketing strategy, what options are there for enhancing the strategy for future growth? The results of your case study should inform future action in some way.

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