Developing Outline for Essay Writing

Essay Outline Writing

Without a solidly constructed outline, no essay or paper will have proper structure and coherency. The point of producing an essay outline before one writes is not only to have a "map" of what will be covered but also in what order one's points will be resented. In fact, all written and oral presentations begin with an outline. Novelists create outlines of their plots; speech writers begin with outlines; and students who want a good piece of writing begin with an outline, as well. The most important benefit derived from an essay outline, other than the ordering of your information, is that you will be able to write your first draft from it with ease. If you do not know how to write an essay outline or if you are a bit "rusty," there are certain basic guidelines that will help.

All outlines for academic writing will have three major sections, often set apart by Roman numerals − introduction, body, and conclusion. Obviously, the introduction and conclusion parts of your outline will be "short and sweet," but your introduction portion should include a solid statement of your thesis and/or focus.

Roman numeral "II" will be titled "Body." It will be the lengthy portion of your outline. This section will ultimately determine the order in which your points will be covered. Each point will be listed with a capital letter, beginning with "A." It is the order in which you place your points matters.  In a persuasive essay outline, for example, it is generally recommended that your strongest argument be first and then additional points covered in descending order of importance. There is another "theory" that in an argumentative essay outline, the second strongest point should be the first and the strongest should be saved for the last. The choice is yours!

A narrative essay outline will obviously be chronological, with each major point being listed with capital letters. For the descriptive essay outline, things can be a bit confusing, but if you think about what you are describing in your mind, your major outline headings will fall into place.

Outlines are critical for essays and papers that involve research, for they will drive your composition and allow you to remain on target and to remove irrelevant information and data. Once you have organized your research notes, sub-topics should fall into place. Each of these sub-topics shall be a major section of your outline, with details falling below them with Arabic numbers. Once this is done, it will be easy to see what sections may not have enough information and which sections have information that can be eliminated. The outline of an essay really cleans up your research before you write, and it will ensure that your paper is coherent.

When a student has difficulty in preparing a paper or essay outline, it is usually because s/he does not know how to organize the information/data collected. Or, the research has been slim, and there is not enough information to prepare one. This is when a custom online essay company may come in handy, not one to which you go for its cheap essay outline price, but a professional service from which you can buy essay outline assistance that is sound. If you can find someone to take your topic, thesis, and research notes, s/he will quickly prepare your outline − one that makes sense and truly gives you a skeleton for your writing. If your research is too slim, in fact, such an individual will show you where and make suggestions for filling in the "holes."

No matter how you feel about outlines, they are a critical phase of your pre-writing activities. Without them, your finished piece will lack continuity. Look upon them as a way by which you are going to ease the task of writing. If you construct a good outline, you will be amazed at how easier it is to actually produce your first draft.